Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit
Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit
Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit
Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit
Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit

Ubuntu- DIY mixed media embroidery kit

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Ubuntu is the first of the series of embroidery kits that pays tribute to women of different colour, backgrounds and personalities. She’s based on the fierce, passionate and inspirational real black women I am lucky to have in my life as friends and acquaintances  molded into one figure symbolizing all that they mean to me. 


The pattern is hand drawn on a vintage tweed fabric that is a delight to embroider  and sew on. The kit is suitable for beginners as well as advanced stitchers as it uses layers of simple stitches and we guide you through the creative process. It is a perfect gift for any occasion as well as a lovely treat for yourself. 


What your kit includes:

Vintage tweed fabric-partially pre-drawn pattern
Linen fabric for the outfit
Embroidery threads
Beads for the necklace
Instructional booklet

What you’ll need:


The finished piece could be framed, sewn onto garments, tote bags, cushion covers or just kept in your embroidery journal. Please send us a photo of your finished item and how you display it or post a photo on Instagram by using  #catsandbirdsuk


Questions you might have:

What if I never embroidered before? Is this kit suitable for novices?

Since all the stitches are simple stitches we say it is perfectly suitable for all abilities. Not to mention that since the internet there's always a clever YouTube video tutorial on almost everything, so if you feel you need more visual help next to the booklet, just look up what you're not sure of.  You can also unpick the stitches if you're not happy with them, we're providing plenty of thread and linen fabric in the kit.

How can I keep it clean?

You can wash your finished item by hand or a gentle wool/delicate program in your washing machine. Make sure that the beaded necklace is sewn on strongly enough so it won't come undone in the wash.

What's the finished size? 

The wool fabric  the pattern is drawn on is 20x25 cm, the finished embroidery is approx 11cm x 8 cm