• Celebrating Every Season

  • Upcycled vintage book pages turned into a rose wreath

    Uniquely Handmade

  • Harris and Vintage Tweed Bow ties for pets

    Debonair Pets in a Stylish Home

  • Timeless Vintage

  • Old Favourites in a New Light

  • The Art of Giftwrapping

Celebrating Every Season

Uniquely Handmade

Debonair Pets in a Stylish Home

Timeless Vintage

Old Favourites in a New Light

The Art of Giftwrapping

Well, hello there!

Why Cats and Birds? Well, we're one of those people who simply can not commit to a single line of design, colour or favourite: we have dozens of different projects that might seem like a chaotic bundle but it all comes together in the end. There are so many wonderful things around us, we have failed to commit to only one, so the name was chosen to show that some things might seem like opposites but they can also be harmonious together. Growing up in a small village close to nature had been a good schooling on how to make use of everything: starting from veggie scraps and dried flowers all the way to broken crockery. As a kid, it often seemed silly and not fair using only what we already had and many times jealousy of others rose-those who always had something new instead of the patched and mended-but now this is what makes the centre of what we do. Being raised by an amazing grandmother and mother with a passion for needlework, cooking and gardening there’s very few we can’t make  use of.  Anything can be a flowerpot, so the Cats&Birds garden is scattered by unusual ones: wellies, handbags, vintage telephones. The 'use what you have' mindset became more and more present, especially when there’s much waste out there while we live in the world of plenty. Our mission is to make use of everything possible: give them a brand new purpose, a second life and try to waste as little as possible, while creating beautiful and useful every day objects, decorations, gifts and accessories. You'll find products that are not all that but we’re hoping that as time goes by there will more and more repurposed items. There's also an Instagram photo book of inspirations and what's in the make.